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Retort Reaction Vessel


Retort Reaction Vessel for condensing of solutions through distillation; primarily for concentrating materials within ethanol or acetic acid solutions, but also designed with pyrolytic distillation in mind.

The thicker borosilicate glass used for reaction vessels creates a more durable system for pyrolytic (destructive) distillation at higher temperatures.

The base and lids are made with a ground glass flange to create a solid seal for distillation.

The lids for both 1L and 2L sizes have a 24/40 condenser arm joint and a 24/40 ground glass side joint.

The units come with a standard wire clamp suitable for basic distillation.

This unit is designed to use our Retort Extension Arm, so that the condenser arm is easier to separate and clean when used in pyrolytic processes in particular.

A 24/40 ground glass stopper is required to seal the side joint.

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